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@GPCC Cloud Gateway

To enhance the learning of students in all subjects, the College runs a program called @GPCC. This initiative, using Apple MacBook Air devices, is designed to incorporate the use of modern technology in the learning of all students in Years 7-10 from 2015 onwards.  Students will be required to bring to classes an Apple MacBook Air device (or similar if it meets our minimum specifications – click on link below).

@GPCC Information for Parents

For Parent access to document library with requirements for @GPCC initiative. Parents have been sent a letter from the college containing username and password. Use the following link:

@GPCC Cloud Gateway for Students

Our Office365 for @GPCC is available via the @GPCC Cloud Gateway, which is available through the following link:

Intranet Portal for Staff and Students Access

The Staff and Student Portal is protected via username and password.

Use the following prefix:\username e.g. if your log in name is stuart_dent , you need type in your username as\stuart_dent.

Please click on the following link to access the Student Portal with your school login and password

Students will need to contact the IT Department if they have forgotten their username or password.