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Staff List

PrincipalMrs Debra Walls

Deputy Principal - Mrs Jane McLarty

Business Manager – Mr Michael Lowbridge

Head of Secondary School – Mr Peter McLellan

Acting Head of Junior School – Mrs Jane McLarty

Assistant Head of Junior School - Mrs Julie Stowe

Head of Spiritual Development K-12 - Mr Andrew McInnes

Head of Professional Learning K-12 – Mr Matthew Cohen


Facilities Manager – Mr Peter Gay

Curriculum Co-ordinator/Student Adviser - Mr David Russell

Co-ordinator of Library Information Services – Mrs Diane Parks

Counselling Co-ordinator – Mr Matthew Rosee

English Co-ordinator  – Mrs Danielle Crook

Maths Co-ordinator  – Mr Troy Kastelan

Science Co-ordinator  – Mr Jacob Strickling (Years 10-12) and Mr Stuart Drennan (Years 7-9)

HSIE Co-ordinator  – Dr Warwick Pearson (Years 10-12)

Creative & Performing Arts Co-ordinator  – Mrs Angela Scott

Languages Co-ordinator  – Mr Charles Wheeler

PDHPE Co-ordinator  – Mr Andrew McGillivray

TAS Co-ordinator  – Mr Mark Welch

Infants Co-ordinator  – Mr Michael Matthews

Primary Years 3 & 4 Co-ordinator  – Mrs Fay Davis

Primary Years 5 & 6 Co-ordinator  – Mrs Karen Munro

JS Sport Co-ordinator  – Mr Nathan Lambert


BLACK, Roslyn – Bursar

BUTLER, Margaret – Assistant to Head of Junior School (Part Time)

COLLINS, Justine – Office Secretary, Supervisor of Service

CRAIN, Barbara – Finance Assistant (Part Time)

DROVER, Michele – Registrar

ESPEDIDO, Gia – Finance Assistant (Part Time)

HAWLEY, Julie – Secretary (on Leave)

HAY, Marie – Assistant to Head of Senior School

MCCARTHY, Stephanie – Development Officer (Part Time)

MCINNES, Tanya – Finance Assistant

MOODY, Blanche – Admin Assistant (Part Time)

OMAYAO, Carolyn – Admin Assistant

PARKINSON, Sue – PA to Principal

ROBERTS, Amanda – Admin Assistant (Part Time)

SHEATHER, Angela - Assistant to Principal’s PA/Receptionist (Part Time)

TAYLOR, Gretchen – Receptionist (Part Time)

TIBBS, Stephen – Finance Manager (Part Time)

VAN VLIET, Tracey – Finance Assistant (Part Time)


GILLIARD, Yvonne – Canteen Assistant (Part Time)

MATHER, Jenny – Canteen Assistant (Part Time)

PLAYFORD, Rae – Canteen Manager


BODDEY, Tiffany – Counsellor

ROSEE, Matthew – Counselling Co-ordinator

Creative Arts

LEONARD, James – Music (Part Time)

MCCARTHY, Sophie - Music JS (Part Time)

MCKEOWN, Rebecca – Music JS (Part Time)

MENZIES, Naomi – Visual Arts (Part Time)

MUIR, Colin – Music (Part Time)

OPPEL, Jonathan – Visual Arts

ROCHFORD, Kerrie – Drama and Music, (Year 11 Advisor)

SCOTT, Angela – Co-ordinator, Visual Arts


ANDERSON, Zoe – English (Part Time)

BELLCHAMBERS, Georgia – English

COHEN, Matthew – Professional Learning Co-ordinator K-12, English

CROOK, Danielle – English Co-ordinator

DE WITTE, Denise - English

FREEMAN, Carolyn – English (Temporary 2018)

GAFFNEY, Stella – English (Part Time)

MCKAY, Jillian – English (Part Time)

WATSON, Kirsty – English (Part Time)

Grounds & Maintenance

BEAMISH, Erin – Cleaner (Part Time)

CARTER, Glenda – Cleaner (Part Time)

CARTER, Philip – Cleaner

CONROW, James – Cleaner (Part Time)

DEMPSEY, Anthony – Grounds & Maintenance

GAY, Peter – Facilities Manager

GRAY, Neil – Grounds & Maintenance

MCGILCHRIST, James – Cleaner, Cleaning Supervisor

O’NEIL, Noel – Cleaner

ROCHFORD, Terrence – Cleaner

SHAW, Brian – Property Caretaker, Grounds & Maintenance

WALTON, Caleb – Cleaner (Part Time)

YOUNG, Paul – Grounds & Maintenance


ERASMUS, Amber – Geography (Part Time)

HAINES, Christopher – History/Society & Culture (Year 7 Advisor)

HOOK, Antony – Geography, History, Commerce

PEARSON, Warwick – Ancient History, Extension History & HSIE Co-ordinator

TAUNGA, Michelle – Commerce, Geography, Business Studies

WATSON, Kirsty – Modern History (Part Time)

WITANOWSKI, Daniel – Geography, History, Commerce

IT Team

BOOTES, Matthew – IT Technician

INMAN, Geoff – IT Technician

LINTON, Scott - IT Technician

YOUNG, Callum – IT Technician (Casual)

WEGENER, Stephen – IT Manager

Junior School

BAKER, Joshua – Infants

BOURKE, Kylie – Primary

BOYD, Candice – Primary (Part Time)

BURTON, Laura – Infants

DAVIS, Fay – Primary, Year 3/4 Co-ordinator

DAVIS, Kristie – Infants

DE LORE, Jenny – Infants

GOURLAY, Laura – Infants

HARRIS, Amanda – Primary (Part Time)

HARRIS, Judy – Infants (Part Time)

KASTELAN, Rachel – Primary (Part Time)

LAMBERT, Nathan – Primary Teacher and JS Sport Co-ordinator

MATTHEWS, Michael – Infants, Infants Co-ordinator

MCCARTHY, Sophie - Music (Part Time)

MCKEOWN, Rebecca – Music (Part Time)

MCKINNON, Bronwyn – Primary

MCSWAN, Stuart – Primary

MUNRO, Karen – Primary, Years 5-6 Co-ordinator

OLDFIELD, Jozef – Primary (leave replacement temporary)

PEARSON, Jo - Infants (Part Time)

PEMBROKE, Joel – Primary (on leave)

PEMBROKE, Theresa – Infants

PETERSON, Melissa – Primary (Part Time)

REYNOLDS, Corinna – Languages Junior School (Part Time)

TURNER, Kaylie – JS Extension (Part Time)

WARDROP, Chris – Primary

WENGI, Katya – Primary

Junior School Teacher’s Aides

GRAHAM, Brooke – Aide JS (Part Time)

MITCHELL, Kara – Aide JS (Part Time)

POWER, Diane – Aide JS


PARKS, Diane – Co-ordinator of Library Information Services

STODDART, Carol – Library Aide

VAN WYK, Nicole – Library Teacher (Part Time)

WRIGHT, Elaine – Library Aide (Part Time)


CHAMBERS, Paul - French HS, (Year 10 Advisor)

REYNOLDS, Corinna – Japanese JS (Part Time)

WHEELER, Charles – LOTE Co-Ordinator and Japanese Secondary


HARRIS, Christopher – Maths

KASTELAN, Troy – Maths Co-Ordinator

KIRBY, Leanne – Maths (Temporary 2018)

NEWELL, Matthew – Maths (Year 8 Advisor)

RAESIDE, Keegan – Maths

TURNER, Carla – Maths (Part Time)

WRIGHT, James – Maths


BALDWIN, Amber – PDHPE (leave replacement)

GLEN, Lisa – PDHPE (on leave 2018)

KIRK, Angela – PDHPE (Part Time)

LEWIS, Christopher – PDHPE (Year 9 Advisor)

MCGILLIVRAY, Andrew – PDHPE Co-ordinator

MCLELLAN, Peter – PDHPE, Head of Secondary School



BAKER, Jasmine – Science (Maternity Leave replacement 2018)

BEAMAN, Eurydyka – Science (Part Time – Maternity Leave 2018)

DRENNAN, Stuart – Science Years 9-10, Biology, Sen. Sci. & Science Co-ordinator Yrs 7-9

JAMES, Corina – Science Years 7-10

O’KEEFFE, Agatha – Science Lab Assistant (Part Time)

STRICKLING, Jacob – Science Years 9-10, Physics, Senior Science & Science Co-ordinator Yrs 10-12

SURANYI, Steve – Science, Biology, Senior Science

SWAINE, Joanne – Science Lab Assistant (Part Time)

WATT, Andrew – Science Years 8 – 10 & Chemistry, Senior Science

Studies of Religion

MCINNES, Andrew - Head of Spiritual Development, Studies of Religion

GAVIN, Rebecca – Biblical Studies, (Year 12 Advisor)

Support Services

BEVERIDGE, Alison – Junior School Support Teacher (Part Time)

BROWN, Sarah – Junior School Support Teacher (Part Time)

DU TOIT, Colleen – Support Teacher JS (Part Time)

FERRY, Karen – Support Teacher JS (Part Time)

KRATOCHVIL, Georgina – Support Teacher Secondary (Maths, Eng) (Part Time)

MCLELLAN, Ann – Support Services Aide Secondary (Part Time)

RULE, Bethany – Support Teacher Secondary (Temporary)

TURLEY, Roslyn – Support Teacher JS (Part Time)


CHAMBERS, Paul – Information Software Technology, (Year 10 Advisor)

CRAWFORD, Graham – Wood Technology

GIBBINS, Cherylyn – Hospitality, Textiles

LUMBY, Virginia – Hospitality, Food Tech, CAFS

MCCOURT, Eleanor – Hospitality/Food Tech Aide (Part Time)

MOHR, Amy – Hospitality/Food Tech Aide (Part Time)

NEWELL, Matthew – Software Development & Design (Year 8 Advisor)

SURANYI, Steve -  Science

TURNER, Kieren - Computers

WELCH, Mark – TAS Co-ordinator and Industrial Technology

Uniform Shop

RITCHIE, Alexandra – Uniform Shop Manager (Part Time)

Workplace Health & Safety

RITCHIE, Alexandra – WHS Admin (Part Time)