Years 5, 6 & 7 Students

CASE Space Academy

Mars Exploration

28 September – 2 October 2020

We’re pleased to support a new online holiday learning course for middle school students – CASE Space Academy: Mars Exploration.  This applied STEM course supports our school’s STEM program and its learning outcomes are aligned with the Australian Curriculum.

Actura’s applied STEM program makes theory accessible and relatable to young students. This helps to solidify foundation skills, leading to greater self-confidence and interest in STEM learning. 

Through the excitement of real space scenarios and fun activities this September, Mars Exploration will ignite your child’s interest and enthusiasm for STEM while nurturing their curiosity and imagination.

Learn about Mars, spaceflight and the Mars 2020 Mission
Design your own Mars exploratory mission
Apply STEM and 21st Century skills to solve real space challenges
Opportunity to meet NASA experts in live webinars
Live coaching by CASE certified course leaders 

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CASE Space Academy is a comprehensive online space learning program specifically for middle-school students and exclusively supported by NASA experts.

Special Green Point Christian College introductory offer for Mars Exploration! Green Point Christian College families and friends can receive $50 off the usual course price. Register your child and use the promotional code at the check-out.  

Promotional code: CSAGPCNSW

Presented by Actura - Registered Creative Kids activity provider - NSW participants qualify for $100 rebate

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