GPCC Bands

Primary and Welcome Bands

We are excited to announce there is a new Welcome Band for Primary Year 3 and above students which will be commencing Week 3 Term 2 2021. No experience is needed for the Welcome Band.

Full band rehearsal will each Tuesday from 12:50pm-1:40pm.
Instrumental group lessons (2-5 students) will be held for 30mins during class time, also weekly.
(students will have early eating time at 12:50, so they won't go hungry!)

Rehearsal plus group lesson plus band book will be $230 per term.
Instrument rental is $35 per term (but for Term 2 the College is offering free rental!)
Creative Kids Vouchers can be used for these fees, so there is a further $100 dollars discount on the first term if parents have the voucher available. Included in the fees is an Australian beginner band book published by Dr Phillip Rutherford.

Instruments Available to Rent
Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Trumpet, Trombone, Percussion (subject to availability, and please contact band director regarding instruments not on this list)

Please email the Band Director with expressions of interest for our new Welcome Band, and we look forward to launching very soon -