HSC 2020

Major Works


Alexander Martin                                                    

Family ties
In 2016 my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, the most common form of dementia. It is characterised by a decline in memory, language, problem-solving and other thinking skills, which disrupt one’s ability to function independently. 
“Family Ties”, utilises the expressive application of black and white thread on water-colour photographs to represent how my father’s perception of his family has deteriorated.
Although his dementia has physically disabled our ability as a family to communicate and connect with our father… In a way, Dad’s dementia has strengthened our family’s connection as a collective unit, reuniting our family.
Inspirations: Brett Whitely – ‘Crying Woman’ and ‘Art, life and the Other Thing’– Mixed Media

Joel Holdsworth

Living with Yourself
Though morbid and scary, my short film “Living with Yourself” is a psychological thriller that explores the nature of mental health and the disturbed psyche one feels when ‘living with yourself.’ There are two “characters” of one human that are symbolised through the colours red and black/white. The red-coloured character represents the anxiety and depression trapped inside the black/white character’s head wishing to disturb and disrupt his life. It was inspired by psychological thriller “Black Swan” and timeless thriller/mystery “Memento” which both portray an unreliable narrator and utilise a similar non-linear structure and technique.
Inspirations: Films ‘Black Swan’ and ‘Memento’.

Tabitha Lay 

“Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.” – Brene Brown
My body of work Overexposure explores the vulnerable mind—the part of ourselves that we hide and conceal to others: our secrets, insecurities, true feelings, genuine thoughts, guilt, pain and regret. My artwork places the audience as a percipient of the vulnerable thoughts of anonymous internet-strangers, inducing a feeling of intrigue, connection and also intrusiveness. Through the risk-taking nature of vulnerability, it’s often in specific experiences and spaces where we feel comfortable enough to unlock our vulnerable selves—such as the personal spaces of our bedrooms or within the seemingly sense of security of ‘internet anonymity’.

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Shannon Spencer

Tokens of Recollection

My work ‘Tokens of Recollection’ questions the meaning behind why we keep objects that are seen as “useless”, that only create clutter in our homes. Belongings can create identity and spark one’s memory of past events; by using belongings that are owned by my parents and embroidering photographs of them from past events, gives the audience an insight into the journey of their lives.

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Elijah Cashin

Tales of the Red Planet
As an enthusiastic fan of storytelling and writing, I wanted to challenge myself to tell a story through the medium of art through environmental storytelling. After pondering over the message I want to tell, I decided to tell a story that warns our society today as we see a Earth, destroyed. We see the humble town of Prospect, learning from the mistakes of Earth and choosing an eco-friendly lifestyle to give back to the planet and in opposition we see the city of Helix, a city that has not learnt from Earth’s past mistakes and continues to pursue development and progression.
Inspirations: The Arrival – Shawn Tan, Adventure Time  


Zara McMenamie 

InfernoIt’s incredibly easy to dismiss individuals as dysfunctional when they struggle to work within the bounds of a society that doesn’t recognise their different struggles and strengths. Equipped with merely a spanner and expected to fix a damaged plumbing system, too often these individuals are blamed when flooding ensues. Instead of demonising the neurodiverse for struggling in a broken society, we need to recognise the flaws in this kind of system, and to do this we must first change our perceptions of neurodiverse individuals. We are not burdens, we have our own unique struggles and more importantly, gifts. It is our inferno of imagination and unique gifts that will forefront the progression of humanity; the first step is to burn the expectation of false perfection to the ground.

Annmaree Whitehead

‘Erupting Minds’
M. Scott Peck’s novel “The Road Less Travelled” explains in one of the chapters “Delaying Gratification” how the struggle to balance home life and work life has been increasingly harder for humans to cope with. Especially for adolescents, this is shown by an increase with anxiety and anger management issues for high school and university students. My Body of Work highlights the anger and stress that comes with the piles of activities that we are expected to do. It shows how messy our brain gets with stress and anger where we end up collapsing when we don’t get on top of work.

Luke Emmington

‘Se Melius’ (Self Improvement)
For this major work I used both image collage and photo manipulation to explore different themes and ideas to make bugs and other creatures. Individual photographs were used to make each creature. The artworks, completed in a scientific illustration style, are displayed as you would see of creatures in museums, and are complimented with Latin and common names a common name relating to self-improvement TV Shows. The Latin names are made up of  TV Show names that would relate to the creature in the artwork, for example, ‘My Kitchen Rules’ relates to the nuisances cockroaches are when there seen in the kitchen, and ‘The Voice’ relates to cicadas due to the amount of noise they make. 

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Christina Foreman-Prentis

I was inspired by reading through the letter’s our sponsor child wrote to my family, showing a genuine desire to learn about and connect. Despite living in very different contexts - geographical, political and economic, both are interested in each other’s lives and have discovered not just the differences but similar human experiences. The fundamental desire to reach out, communicate and make connections with one another is explored through bright tones of acrylic paint, highlighting the purpose and joy relationships bring.
I extended my concept by creating sculptural cities, highlighting that despite our different lifestyles, ultimately humans desire connections. 

Kate Mortimore

Acedia, meaning ‘without care’ in Latin, explores the simplicity of the Seven deadly sins and how common they are in today's modern society. I've always been fascinated by the seven deadly sins, in particular, how they have been a permanent fixture in our world through paintings, books, and technological entertainment, and I wanted to add my touch by expressing the sins from my perspective.  I am hoping, these photographs make you question what's going on and prompt you to consider their unforeseen dangers.

Inspiration: Picasso’s Guernica, Jesse Draxler Photography

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Ella Gutierrez

SILENCIOSA POR NO MAS– (Silent for no longer)
Through my artwork I had the ability to explore my culture and how I identify as a young Chilean woman, through the guidance of the strong women in my family as well as my ancestors of the Mapuche women that have all significantly contributed to my identity.  The larger family portrait is an abstract artwork, which replicates a family photo of four-generations of ‘Hood’ women; this includes my great grandmother, abuelita, mum and I. It is here where I have displayed the trauma, love and pain that my family has felt leaving their country and entire family – fleeing their home due to political instability. I have highlighted the roots that are threaded and embedded within us that give us strength due to the Mapuche women’s connection with spirit of the land, family and ancestors. The three smaller portraits portray the traditional wear of Mapuche women as well as my pride of being and indigenous Chilean woman. My art making practice had amplified my pride and my how I will no longer be silenced for my ways of thinking. I will no longer be silent when it comes to my culture, I will no longer be ashamed or scared of who I am and my identity, my creativity and how I want to live my life. 

Angus McDiarmid

Hannah Hutchinson

As I began to create my BOW, the meaning and motivation behind my art mutated into something different. As I've continued to develop and understand myself this year, what was once intended to be a free expression of my heart for music became an outpour of frustration and silence. My artwork 'Duress' represents how control, expectation and restriction can greatly impact your mental health, passion and the ability to explore and express yourself freely.
I introduced the vines on top of my old concept to represent how I feel my creative expression has been "infected". With the use of organic shapes, I adjusted my artwork to become confronting and come alive, as if you're watching the infection spread in live time. From this, I've created the illusion that the vines are spreading from the box in front of my artwork, a symbol of the box I constantly feel shoved into and cannot fit in, and how this affects the rest of my creative vision.