HSC 2021

Major Works



My Eye's Mind - 

Painting, artist book and short animation film

Andre G

How to solve a Rubiks Cube

Time-based form

Myah G

Home Sweet Home 

The world is constantly changing around us, and we have been trained to learn and adapt. The inspiration for my artwork came from the individual and collective experiences of trusting these changes even when life may appear messy. I chose to express this idea through capturing the splendour and perfection within the detail of whole strawberries, and juxtaposing it with images of squashed and mangled strawberries. I wanted to use a variety of mediums to explore my idea and use both methods I was familiar with including photography, and new methods of realism through oil painting.

Artists of Inspiration: Mike Curry (macro photographer), Leonid Afremov (oil paintings)

Elise L

Light Hearts 

Illuminated printmaking and drawing, found objects.

The inspiration for “Lighthearts” is the beauty that we discover when we make time to listen to and learn from others. In the creation of my work, I interviewed three women who I admire to learn about their journey - a friend completing the HSC also, a young woman in her 20’s who faced brain cancer in her late teens, and my grandmother’s best friend who was born at the end of WWII in a German POW camp. My intention with “Lighthearts” was to capture a ‘portrait’ of their personality and story, an homage to what I have learnt from listening. 

Scarlett P

Sunlight Dwells in the Familiar 

My artwork is a celebration of the vibrance found within everyday life. I choose to capture scenes from my home and everyday life in a joyous array of colours to challenge myself and the audience to appreciate what we have. As beings that thrive off variety, it’s natural for us to become jaded and uninspired towards our daily routine. We look forward to the events outside of the ordinary as escapism from the mundane. However, I challenge you to admire the beautiful little pockets of sunlight that dwell within your familiar setting. To be present and recognise the excitement and growth that can be found today, regardless of whether you are in a place of uncharted territory or familiarity.

Influences: Brett Whiteley, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, David Hockney

Oscar S

I can't eat it ... it's looking at me

Artistic Statement 

When I was a kid I loved to fish… but I couldn’t bear the thought of eating what I had caught. Maybe it’s the way they smell, their slimy skin or perhaps their wild and vacant eyes - there’s something about them that screams life even in their limpest forms. My work is a sensory and conceptual self-portrait of my childhood experiences as a complex journey towards appreciating fish, exploring the line between the living and the inanimate. Through manipulating traditional art forms such as memento mori and gyotaku with personal memories I want the audience to reconsider these beautiful creatures that we consume so regularly from the local fish and chip shop.

Inspiration: Ricky Swallow ‘Killing Time’, Ivan Durrant: Barrier Draw NGV, Julian Meagher, Craig Ruddy ‘David Gulpilil, two worlds’, Dutch Vanitas/Memento Mori, Gyotaku (Japanese fish printing)


Sherrie V


Painting and photo media