Secondary School

Thanksgiving and Academic Assembly

Congratulations to all our recipients that received awards at our Secondary School Thanksgiving and Academic Assembly, celebrating their achievements from 2021.

Outstanding 2021 HSC Results

Nomination and Selection for ARTEXPRESS: Scarlett P

Dux of the College: David S

Top 2021 GPCC Student ATAR: Anthea D (97.5)

Principal's Cup

The Principal's Cup was initiated in 2020 as an annual award presented to the student who best displays the characteristics of the GPCC Graduate Profile.

Bianca F

Academic Awards

Year 7: Gabe B, Edith H, Madilyn M, Isabella T

Year 8: Clinton F, Tirzah H, Annika L, Talia M

Year 9: Siena B, Chloe H, Matthew T, Katinka W

Year 10: Brydie C , Eloise S, Rosalie S, Eden W

Year 11: Eliana B, Zoe K, Fiona L, Astrid R

Sustained Effort and Application

Year 7: Morgan D, Mae G, Crosby P, Micah R, Caleb S, Tyson S, Sarah W

Year 8: Amelie B, Ryan B, Henry C, Anabel C, Luke J, Daniel K, Millie P, Thomas W

Year 9: Amelia C, Mackenzie D, Samuel F, Tahlia H, Imogen W

Year 10: Wade B, Lauren G, Katelyn H, Claire H, Ellia T, Sinead W

Year 11: Jamaya B, Olivia F, Bianca F, Vanya G, Jessica H, Jack J, Charlotte M

Sport Awards

Sportsman: Wade B, (Wade also received a Community Recognition Statement Certificate from Adam Crouch MP for his achievement in the 2020/21 Triathlon season).

Sportswoman: Jessie B

Sportsmanship: Caleb N

Sportswomanship: Angelique A

Premier's Reading Challenge: Platinum medal (7 years participation)

Caleb R

Thank you to our music students who showcased their gifts and talents in the musical items at our Thanksgiving and Academic Assembly.