Year 12 2020

Graduation Assembly

Welcome to Family & Friends

The online video stream below will commence with a pre-assembly presentation from 9.15am on Thursday 24 September.
The official Graduation Assembly will commence from 9.30am as a continuation of the same video stream.  

 Whilst we anticipate it will run smoothly, it is important to note that the stream may be interrupted due to YouTube’s automatic copyright detection processes. We will be using royalty free music and backing tracks in some of the content for the Graduation Assembly, and there is a possibility that this could be blocked by YouTube even though this use is permitted under our Education APRA licensing. If this should happen during the stream, please do not panic as refreshing the page after a short pause or clicking on the link again should allow you to continue to watch once we recommence the live stream.

On Thursday 24 September 2020 you can access the Graduation Assembly Program which will be made live that morning.