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Support Services K-12

Green Point Christian College has developed a proven model for Support Services which upholds our purpose to enable students to develop their potential to its fullest extent in the school environment and in so doing equip and encourage each student to fulfil a purposeful role in society.

This model, for meeting the needs of students at both ends of the learning spectrum, was developed in response to current pedagogy and best practice.  Underpinning the new model is our continuing commitment to the outworking of Biblical perspectives in our teaching and learning practice.

Support Services K-12 embraces and is interwoven with whole school K-12 curricula, programs, structures, systems and community. Rather than being seen as a unit or place, it recognises the whole child – academically, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Support Services K-12 provides an effective and efficient delivery of support across a K-12 continuum with resources allocated to areas of greatest need across Junior and Secondary Schools. Our Gifted Education program seeks to meet the needs of identified students through Extension classes in Years 3 to 8, accelerated patterns of study, extension and enrichment programs, and specific areas of study across the whole K-12 campus.

Additional opportunities are available to students through a number of initiatives across faculties. Such initiatives include Mock Trial, Science Engineering Challenge, Debating, Coding and the Maths Olympiad. There is no doubt that the enthusiasm and commitment shown by students who embrace these opportunities spills over into their regular pattern of study.