Parent Support & Information

Parents are an important part of our Mission Goals for the College as we support families as the cornerstone of a flourishing society.

The College Counsellors are able to come alongside any students and families who are going through crises or issues needing consultation. The College employs three professional Counsellors.

The College also seeks to source and share resources that are available to support parents as you care for your family through helpful organisations like the Black Dog Institute.

Pastoral Care is also available through Green Point Baptist Church or the many other Churches represented among the community at the College.

The College runs an Administration Software package which incorporates both Student and Parent Portals.

On these portals there are daily notices, letters, student diary, timetables, homework, weekly College Newsletter and much more.  The Student Portal is called “Student Café” and the Parent Portal is called “Parent Lounge”.

Access is given to students and parents upon enrolment. These portals are an essential part of our communication to Parents and Students.