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The vision of Green Point Christian College is Excellence in Christ Centred Education.  As a ministry of Green Point Baptist Church, the College aims to support Christian parents in the education of their children.  However, places are available for children from families that are supportive of the policies of the College but are not practising Christians provided 80% of the students in each year come from practising Christian families.

A practising Christian family is considered to be a family who:
  • recognises and testifies to the Lordship of Jesus Christ;
  • has a commitment to model and teach Biblical principles in the home;
  • is actively involved in the ministries of and regularly attends the services of worship in a local Christian church.

The administration of this Enrolment Policy is the responsibility of the Principal of the College.  All prospective enrolments are subject to an enrolment interview to ensure that all families with children enrolled in the College are supportive of the ethos and policies of the College.

Applications for Enrolment

All enquiries and applications for enrolment are to be directed to the Registrar.  At the time of enquiry, a College Prospectus will be sent to each family.  To cover processing costs, a non-refundable Application Fee of $250 for each child must be included with each application for enrolment.

  • Completed Application for Enrolment form – click to download the form > Application Form
  • Birth certificate
  • Copies of school reports (if applicable)
  • Recent photo of the student (can be digital or on paper)
  • Pastor’s reference (where possible) or a personal reference or contact details to enable a reference to be obtained by telephone

If, after an interview has been arranged and completed, an offer for placement is made then it is necessary for the College to receive written acceptance of the offer and a non-refundable Enrolment Fee of $200 before enrolment can proceed.

Waiting List

Where there are no positions available in a particular grade, the applicant’s name may be added to the waiting list, should parents so desire.  The waiting lists are prioritised as follows:

  • Priority 1      Children of families attending Green Point Baptist Church
  • Priority 2      Church Affiliated (practising Christian) Siblings
  • Priority 3      Church Affiliated (practising Christian) Families*
  • Priority 4      Non-Church Affiliated Siblings
  • Priority 5      Non-Church Affiliated Families

*Children from other Christian Schools may be given priority

Interview Procedure

The Registrar will arrange an interview for each new applicant and his/her parents (or guardian(s)).  That interview, which will usually be conducted by the relevant Head of School but may be conducted by the Principal, will normally take ½ hour.  Parents must come equipped with any information that may assist in assessment of the application, such as reports, special awards, samples of work, external professional assessments (where appropriate) and any other certificates that the applicant has gained.

The purpose of the interview is for the College to get to know the family and its value system as well as give the College an opportunity to understand the particular gifting of the applicant.  The interview is not meant to be a threatening procedure but parents should be prepared, in the confidential nature of the interview, to be open and honest and answer a variety of related questions.  Both parents and child are requested to attend this interview.  Parents should come prepared to ask any questions about the College and its operation or share any concerns they may have.

Parents will be informed of the decision in relation to their application as soon as possible after the interview.   It should be understood that decisions on enrolment applications are a matter for the Principal.

Conditions of Enrolment

All parents are expected to read the Conditions of Enrolment available from the College website.  By signing the Application for Enrolment parents indicate their acceptance of those Conditions.  The College reserves the right to add to and amend these conditions of enrolment from time to time as they see fit.  However, any proposed change to the conditions of enrolment will be indicated in The Messenger and/or on the College’s website and an opportunity for comments will be provided before any change is made.

Please click on the link below to read our Conditions of Enrolment, Enrolment Policy and Fee Agreement:

Conditions of Enrolment

Enrolment Policy

Fee Agreement

Enrolment Enquiries

Enrolment enquiries can be addressed to:  Kindy Info Night ad from Erin 2018