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Positive Parenting – Love in Action


Positive Parenting Partnership

A current theme in our culture today is that parenting is becoming increasingly complex and challenging. Parents can feel alone in their journey to raise their children in the direction that they would desire them to go, and often feel like they are not seeing the fruit of their parenting.

The Positive Parenting Partnership exists to address this current need in our culture and to equip parents to intentionally lead themselves well so that they can lead their families.

Our hope is that as parents intentionally engage in this program, we will see increasing measures of healthy, happy and thriving families.

The strength of this initiative is the key partners to making this happen. Green Point Christian College, Green Point Baptist Church, Journey 2 Success 4 Mums, and New Heights Life Services. The other significant partner to the success of this initiative is you!

There are many aspects to the Positive Parenting Partnership that you could access for support in your role as parents.

We invite you to invest in one of the following options:

Love in Action workshops

A two hour workshop once a term focusing on hot topics of parenting and developing strategies unique for each parent to implement within their own leadership and family.

Contact: Green Point Christian College,  /  Tel:  4363 1266



Precious and Valuable Coaching Program for Women!

Precious and Valuable will empower you to see yourself as God sees you. Journey with me and like-minded women in a confidential and caring environment to explore your God given potential.

Contact: Kylie McGillivray,  /  Tel:  0434 475 880


Strong and Courageous Coaching Program for Men

Strong and Courageous is a group coaching program inspiring men to rise up and live with strength, conviction, courage and consistency.

Contact Kev Sheehan,  /  Tel:  0434 145 247


Personalised Coaching

Who have you invited on your personal support team to help you achieve at your highest level? Kylie and Kev are available as personal coaches to help you be intentional with your self-leadership and parenting.

Contact:  Kylie Tel:  0434 475 880 or Kev  Tel:  0434 145 247


Parent-as-Coach Training

If you would like to go deeper in your intentional approach to leading your teen, an engagement with Parent-as-Coach Training may be just what you are looking for.

Contact: Kylie Tel: 0434475 880 or Kev /  Tel:   0434 145 247


Pastoral Care

For those times when crisis or confusion are intense, there is a team at Green Point Baptist Church who can support you with Pastoral Care.

Contact: Phil Blair,  /  Tel:  4369 1585



Your children have the opportunity to connect with counsellors at the College for personalised support. If you would like to enquire about this service, contact the College Office.

Contact: /  Tel:  4363 1266