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Principal’s Message

   College Principal Mrs Debra Walls


Dear Prospective Parent,

Thank you for expressing interest in Green Point Christian College. We realise that choosing a School is one of the most important decisions that parents have to make.

Green Point Christian College was birthed in 1982 out of the vision of Green Point Baptist Church, when a small group of parents committed to a journey which has culminated in a thriving Christian College with over 1,000 students and waiting lists which indicate strong demand for places at the College.

The foundation upon which this College has been built is the Word of God, as set out in the Bible. We believe that the absolute truths expressed in God’s Word can provide a stable framework around which young people can build their lives.

We are keen to connect with families who share the belief that Christian values are worth preserving and who want their children to be exposed to these values during the formative years of their lives.

Green Point Christian College is committed to providing quality education at an affordable price. The College Board has developed infrastructure to enable the teaching programs of the College to keep pace with rapid educational change. Our technology resources are impressive and they are available to all students.

God’s Word indicates that there is a plan and a purpose for all people and the unique gifting of each student is treasured by staff as they nurture and develop the talents which lie within all our students.

Through education our College seeks to equip young people to make Godly choices at a time in history when secular and material values are challenging the basis of our society. Our College seeks to develop the whole child and this means the spiritual dimension as well as the academic and physical dimensions.

Green Point Christian College is a Christian school where the Lordship of Jesus Christ is spoken strongly into the culture of our existence and into the lives of our students.

I hope to meet with you soon and to establish a close association with your family. May God richly bless you, together with all members of your family.


Debra Walls


Green Point Christian College