Facilities Hire

Green Point Christian College is a well-established school and we are thankful to God for His provision of the great resources we have. 

The College's facilities are tailored to support learning and community across the school and continued effort is applied towards developing these resources further as time and funds permit. 

As a part of our desire to engage with the wider community we make these facilities available for appropriate use by external parties from time to time. Hire of these facilities is very much dependent on the principles of good stewardship and sharing these blessings wisely outside of the school setting.  The balance comes in the knowledge that our facilities are primarily for educational use but it is a value to share what we have with the wider community in a wise and sustainable way.

While preference is always given to the educational requirements of Green Point Christian College students, several opportunities exist for groups and individuals to hire the various facilities owned by the College.

The links below provide relevant information on Fees and Charges and Terms and Conditions. To submit a formal booking request, please complete the Facilities Hire Form and submit (with relevant insurance documents) to the email provided in the document.

* Please note there is limited availability to the Sports Courts due to GPCC sports teams usage, and intermittent accessibility for setup via the oval.

Should you require further information prior to submitting a Facilities Hire application then please contact the Facilities Manager by submitting a question via the form at the base of this page.