Primary Thanksgiving Services 2022

Congratulations to all our students that have received awards at our Kindergarten - Year 2 and Years 3- 6 Thanksgiving Services.

Please enjoy our photo galleries below

2022 Student Leaders Recognition Awards

Captains: Jaymin T, Lillian R
Vice Captains: Henry S, Bonita C
2022 Prefects: Chase C, Jason P, Michela R C, Sarah T, Ayla G, Aimee J

2022 Student Representative Council recognition:

SRC Chairperson: Ellen B
SRC Councilors:  Samuel M, Zoe O, Myah K-W, Oliver L, Ava D  

2022 House Captains Recognition Awards

EAGLES: Isabella v B and Xavier R

HURRICANES: Amelia P and Luca W

WARRIORS: Alyssa C and Isaac J

BREAKERS: Taylor F and Joshua F


Sportsman: Jason P and Chase C

Sportswoman: Erin R

Sportsmanship: Xavier R

Sportswomanship: Lillian R

House Trophy:  Haapai Hurricanes


2023 Captains: Ruth G, Xavier W

2023 Vice CaptainsJacob G, Sibella M

2023 Prefects: Monty C, Samuel C, Hamish G, George W, Matilda A, Kaelah B, Aurora H, Chloe M

2023 Student Representative Council

Chairperson: Zeke H

SRC Councillors: Bella H, Esme B, Madeline A, Ellie M, Allegra N, Archimedes D

2022 GPCC Service Award: Ellen B

2022 Principal's Cup: Lillian R

Criteria:  This Cup is awarded to a student who most typifies the goals we have as a school for our students. This is a person who exhibits Godly character, is collaborative, a committed learner in all circumstances, is creative and learning how to think critically, who is socially engaged with their relationships characterised by service to and care for, others.

Years 3 - 6 Thanksgiving Service 

Kindergarten - Year 2 Thanksgiving Service 

Special Awards