HSC Textiles Major Works 2022

Congratulations to Eliana B who was nominated for Texstyle and Shape for her Textiles and Design Major Work.

SIENNA B - Focus Area: Costume

I created a ball gown under the focus area of Costume. It was largely inspired by the historical design of the Victorian Era of women’s high fashion, the structural designs of historical corsets and the colour and elegance of Belle’s ball gown, from the movie ‘Beauty and the Beast’. These inspirational factors helped me create my unique and original garment. It consists of a corset and skirt completed in a golden colour. The corset has structural applications such as boning, cording and a lace up back. The voluminous skirt is made of tulle and netting which contributes to the overall look. The skirt also includes a long train with the ability to be bustled.

ELIANA B - Focus Area: Apparel

My Major Textiles Project consists of a jacket and skirt inspired by Chanel, the threatened Australian native Bogong moths, and fashion from the 1920s. The jacket and skirt are both made from white tweed material which is a common fabric used by Chanel. My jacket features a shawl collar boarded by a velvet trim, shoulder princess seams and gauntlet sleeves detailed with hand embroidered Bogong moths.  The moth and traditional meeting-place symbols were transferred by inkjet printing on the rayon lining of my jacket.  I have chosen to create my jacket with a loose fitted tubular silhouette, which was popular in the 1920s. In the 1920s, dropped waist clothing was also popular. In my design I have added pleated sections in my skirt and jacket.

ANYSSA C - Focus Area: Costume

I have chosen to make a formal dress transformed into a fighting costume that could be suitable for an action movie. My black panelled, skin-tight bodysuit has warm yellow material along the side panels which were dyed using onion skin, replicating the Turkana Tribes use of natural dyeing for their clothes. The black full skirt uses a dull, elegant satin which is lined with the same warm yellow fabric as the bodysuit. It has subtle embroidery using a similar pattern to the chest of the Dora Milaje’s Amour from the Black Panther film. This skirt can be easily removed by the press studs on the hand beaded belt which uses the same technique as the Turkana Tribe’s beading and has a similar design to the Dora Milaje’s tabard.

BEN E - Focus Area: Apparel

My MTP was inspired by the internet phenomena ‘Among Us’ and fulfils the criteria of apparel focus area. Featuring double knee panels, my men’s jeans are decorated with a bleaching technique, to recreate the image of clouds on each leg. 

ZOE K - Focus Area: Costume 

My MTP is a contemporary rendition of Ancient Grecian Tragedy Theatre costume embodying the iconic tale of 'The Fall of Icarus'. 
The dress features laser-cut angel wings, highly decorated with hand painting, machine embroidery and beading to replicate the burnt wings of Icarus. Similarly, the overskirt consists of heat transfer ink feathers with hand embroidered details. The overskirt is removable, symbolising the fallen wings of Icarus. The main manufacturing features include French seams and hand stitched hems, which contributed to the highly time consuming, yet effective finish of my MTP.  

ARABELLA S - Focus Area: Costume

My major work is a red velvet corset and a forest-green crushed velvet cloak created in the focus area of Costume. I was inspired by the styles illustrated by Charlie Bowater on the Throne of Glass fantasy book series’ covers, specifically the Assassin’s Blade cover.  This links to the Celtic clothing of Medieval times, drawing elements of delicacy and embellished embroidery, which is displayed in the wildflowers.  My corset consists of flowers created through free-standing appliqué and ribbons attached to the centre panel of my corset, which lends to the delicateness of my inspiration. The goldwork free-machine embroidery of my cloak is cohesive with the gold trim on the panel of my corset.

AMITY T - Focus area: Costume

I have been inspired by ABBA, Mamma Mia, and Mamma Mia Here we go Again and 1970’s – 1980’s fashion. This inspiration has been reflected onto my garment through a stretch knit jumpsuit with flares and an overlay skirt. The jumpsuit has a wrap-around bodice top followed down to flared pants consisting of a rolled hem. The skirt has been decorated with free-standing applique stars to bring in the disco glam era.