Congratulations to Scarlett P (Year 12, 2021) who created an amazing body of work 'Sunlight Dwells in the Familiar' for the practical component of the HSC Visual Arts Course. Scarlett's work was selected for Artexpress, a showcase of exceptional HSC VA works. Her work will be part of a significant exhibition in the Art Gallery of NSW early in the new year, then will travel to the Tweed Regional Gallery later in the year.

Despite lockdown, Scarlett worked diligently throughout the year and found beauty in the familiar. What a wonderful way to finish her HSC year.

Sunlight Dwells in the Familiar By Scarlett P Year 12

Artist Statement:

"Sunlight dwells in the familiar is a celebration of everyday life captured in a joyous array of vibrant colours. As beings that thrive on variety, it’s natural to become jaded and uninspired towards our daily routines. We look forward to the events outside of the ordinary as escapism from the mundane. I challenge you to admire the beautiful little pockets of sunlight that dwell within your familiar setting. To be present and recognise the excitement and growth that can be found today, regardless of whether you are in a place of uncharted territory or familiarity."

Congratulations Scarlett.