NNSW Maitland Futsal Primary Competition 2021

NNSW Maitland Futsal Competition

Green Point has performed very well at Futsal competitions over the years. We have won a number of Regional competitions and have even notched up a couple of State Titles.

It’s been a couple of years since our last competition and our 4 teams (Junior Boys, Senior Girls and 2 x Senior Boys teams) were looking forward to this challenge.

Our Junior Boys started their competition on fire, winning their first 4 games and qualifying easily for the Semi Finals. They won the Semi and progressed to the Final which ended up being one epic game! The final siren went and with the scores even, went to a penalty shoot-out. No one likes being in a shoot-out but with calm reserve, our boys held the nerve and won! It was definitely tense but they got there.

The Senior Girls team also had a smooth run to the Finals, only losing 1 game. They were up against Charlton who had beaten them in the pool match. With a change of strategy, the girls piled the pressure on early and took an early lead. Charlton responded with some quick goals and by the final siren, won 3-1. It was a great effort by our girls who were close to taking the title.

With 2 x Senior Boys teams competing meant that they were in different pools. If they played well, there would be a chance they’d meet one another in the finals. Team 1 had a draw in their first game and then won the next 3 convincingly. Team 2 just lost their first game but then went on to win the next 3. This now meant they had both qualified for the Semi Final ... the only problem was that they would have to verse one another.

This Semi Final was amazing to watch! Both teams produced a number of scoring chances only to be denied by great defence. It was Team 2, through Josh, who took an early lead. Team 1 responded with their own attacking wave, equalising the score. With little time left on the clock, Team 1 slotted in a perfect left boot rocket to take the lead and eventually win the match. With a couple of goals denied to both teams, it could have gone either way so credit to all of the boys on how they played.

Team 1 progressed to the Final and to play the team who they drew in the pool match, Charlton. The Final was yet another titanic clash of 2 very experienced futsal teams. Like their pool match, both teams used great skill and precision passing to provide a number of chances to be smothered by last-minute defence.

Charlton picked up their shots and slotted in 2 goals in succession to take a 2-0 lead going into half time. This was a big lead against a very tough team. Green Point would have to dig deep to come back from this. It would be an amazing comeback to win from here.

Our boys needed to start the final half strong and they did exactly that. Picking up the intensity, they created a good chance and Joel put in an early goal. Score was 2-1. There was a chance, brilliant defence by our boys stopped any more chances that Charlton created. Our boys were lifting, another chance was created and superb skill with the ball provided Joel with another goal. The score was level with only 5 minutes left.

With the game in the balance, our boys who really gave everything they had, created another opportunity and it was none other than Joel again who drilled the ball into the back of the net to score his 3rd goal and the eventual winner.

Our boys had come back from 2-0 down to win 3-2 in the Final.

Like the Junior boys, the Senior Boys were also Regional Champions! Both of these teams, and the Senior Girls, have now qualified for the State Futsal Championships at the end of June.

We wish our teams all the best and well done to everyone for a great tournament!

Mr Nathan Lambert 

K - 12 Sport Co-ordinator