Support for Women & Children

Green Point Students Show Support for Kara Women and Children's Refuge

Primary School students at Green Point Christian College hosted a Soccer Gala Day which raised $3420 towards Coast Shelter’s Women and Children’s crisis accommodation and support of single women and women with children.

The December soccer gala day was organised by Primary school teacher Miss Katya Wengi, and with the help of the wider school community who all rallied to play a part. Funds were raised through donations by the students and parents who participated in the wide range of activities offered including games, face painting and the very popular sausage sizzle. The students were also very excited with a number of the Central Coast Mariners players attending to provide some tips to many aspiring young players.

Whilst it was a lot of fun and great to have the students outside exerting themselves, Principal Phillip Nash commented that, “these days are also an expression of the recently launched GPCC Graduate Profile which seeks to capture the key attributes we want to see formed in our students.” “In the case of the Soccer Gala the focus on fundraising support for others provides an opportunity to teach the students about being socially engaged and godly in character, two of the graduate profile attributes.” “Bringing these together we want to encourage the students to participate in the day with an understanding that it is good to be caring for others in a compassionate way, and to be generous towards those experiencing challenges in life.”

These two attributes of the graduate profile combine with three other areas of focus, these being the formation of students who are collaborative, life-long learners, and creative and critical thinkers. Principal Nash added that, “while Green Point will always seek to develop students academically, there is also a clear focus on equipping our students for all of life through a holistic education.” 

Kara Women and Children’s Refuge is a supportive and caring environment which assists families to overcome homelessness and rebuild their lives. You can learn more at