Sydney FC Academy Exciting Next Step for Nick Kratochvil

This month Green Point Christian College Year 10 student, Nick Kratochvil, was accepted into the Sydney FC Senior Academy where he has now begun training and playing with the National Youth League squad. 

Dreaming to one day play in the A-League this is a big step up from when Nick started playing football when just 5 years old. It wasn’t until Year 4 at school that he realised team sports were cool. Setbacks then occurred as he entered Secondary school, twice suffering stress fractures in his back and having to get serious about his training regime, both physically and mentally.

Speaking with Nick this week you get the sense this has been a long journey with many ups and downs. However, Nick identifies several influences that have helped him along the way.

Nick’s parents, Georgina and Mark, have been an amazing support as he’s pursued various opportunities both here and overseas. Nick spent his grassroots years on the Central Coast at Central Coast United and then with the North Shore Mariners before undertaking an overseas adventure earlier this year, to a soccer academy in Germany. While away overseas Nick was encouraged to lean on his faith to get through, knowing that his parents and his community back home have always been faithful in praying for him and looking to God for care and provision.

Secondly, Nick is very thankful for his school, Green Point Christian College (GPCC), and in particular his mates at school. This group of students have been incredibly supportive and an amazing support team all the way through. They have encouraged him, prayed for him, and stood by him as he works towards achieving his goals.

Nathan Lambert, K-12 Sports Co-ordinator at GPCC, noted that “Nick has always had a passion for soccer. Ever since he played in Primary School, he was a dedicated goalie who played with such focus and commitment to achieving his main goal, to always give his best. His positive attitude in approaching training and competitions was an inspiration to his fellow team-mates.”

Mr Lambert summarised this achievement observing, “he is an amazing young man who has always demonstrated such mature leadership qualities. It has been a pleasure to watch him achieve so much over the years, credited by such an incredible training regime.”

Alongside Mr Lambert, Nick gives thanks for the many teachers at Green Point Christian College who have been very flexible and done whatever they could to ensure his learning didn’t fall behind.
GPCC is delighted to support students who have unique opportunities for their future, and we seek to be flexible in working with them to accommodate their educational needs. Phillip Nash, Principal of the College, remarked, “this is how we help to equip students for whatever opportunity comes their way, in Nick’s case a great opportunity to pursue sport at a higher level.”

Asked about his future hopes and dreams, Nick shared that he is doing a lot of training on his mindset and attitude, knowing that as a goalkeeper there are going to be many times where he is under immense pressure.
For now, Nick is just trying to take one day at a time but is working hard towards his goal to one day get a call up to play at the top level. Whatever happens he is trusting that God has a plan in all of this, and that his faith will give him strength for the journey that lies ahead.