The Place of Enrichment in a Child's Education

The process of educating a child is not a process at all. It is a journey of discovery that spans over thirteen years. At times the journey is easy. Sometimes, however the journey can be a challenge, and each step can be arduous. Every student’s journey is different with one unique similarity - they all need a guide who knows how to help them get to their destination, wherever that may be.

At Green Point Christian College we have a team of very passionate and skilled educators who seek to provide an informed, individually programmed map for each student’s learning adventure. Working collaboratively alongside classroom teachers, enrichment staff have the opportunity to guide students through a range of evidence based, tried and tested pathways. This may involve additional instruction in MulitLit or Multisensory Structured Language programs that have been developed through years of research into ways we can make the way forward clearer and smoother for those whose journey is difficult. This often involves small groups of students momentarily breaking away from their peers and getting a few extra tips, tricks and strategies from their teacher. Differentiation of content and experience is also a key element in enabling all students to learn.
By varying the mode of delivery, the manner of response and the complexity of the tasks, a teacher can motivate all learners to achieve success and prompt a desire to aim higher.
Learning assistance may also come in the form of adjustments to regular classroom activities. Alternatives offered that can minimises the impact of difficulties faced so that a gap previously perceived as too big can be attempted. This is the purpose of providing adjustments. To prevent a student from not embarking on their own learning journey because they feel that the pathway is too unfamiliar and unmanageable. By adjusting the task, success is within reach and new discoveries are possible. Sometimes, it is simply a case of adding an extra teacher or Aide in the classroom who ensures the load is manageable.
Having an Enrichment teacher or Student Enrichment Officer is a common practice in our classrooms. They are both passionate and skilled in coming alongside and providing an immediate guide to those who aren’t seeing the way forward clearly.
Many students make the most of opportunities to check-in and ensure their compass is accurate and they are indeed heading in the right direction. The quest to find a learning path right for each student is one we strive to tirelessly travel. With a willing learner, skilled staff and parents walking alongside their children on the journey, we endeavour to aid our students continue to climb higher and discover that new and exciting experiences are available at every turn.

Sarah Brown works as the Director of Enrichment at Green Point Christian College. Sarah leads a team of Enrichment Teachers and Student Enrichment Officers who provide support for students from Kindergarten through to Year 12.