Insights & Recommendations

SEED Survey Report

In Term 2 2022 some of you took part in a survey we had undertaken for us by a group called SEED. The purpose of the survey was a review of the embeddedness of the College’s purpose statement, graduate profile and motto.  We launched the new focus for our school over 2 years ago so wanted to see how well we as a school community understood that and had embraced it.

A reduced summary report is available to view or download, and I want to highlight a few things from it and explain where we go from here.  Although the rate of return from some groups was too small to be statistically valid, we are always interested in what members of the community have to say. The survey has provided us with really useful information and allows us to plan how we progress this going forward.

Most people know our motto and are aware of the purpose statement and the graduate profile. These all seem to have acceptance and support but it is clear that there is still some lack of clear understanding about elements of the purpose statement and the motto.  The past two and a half years have been full of the distractions of covid and so although we have taken a number of opportunities to publish explanations of these statements, it is very understandable that many of us have not been focused on things like this.

The key action we will undertake is a process of greater explanation of the meaning of our motto, purpose statement and elements of our graduate profile. It is vital that we all have a common understanding of these things if they are to be significant in guiding our actions and development as a community.

The element in the graduate profile that all survey participants believe needs the most work by us as a school is ‘critical and creative thinker’.  This element was selected as part of the process of selecting what elements to include in the profile because it features so strongly as a need in the 21st century as our world undergoes such rapid change.  I believe this has always been an essential element for a well-educated person.

I trust you find the report interesting and be assured that we will be actioning the recommendations. The College Board had a session with the survey director and are committed to seeing us implement the recommendations. As we seek to be a purposeful school, this will help us embed these elements into our processes and actions as a means of guiding us to see students grow in a particular direction.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments about the report. Thanks again to those who participated.

Phillip Nash