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Secondary School Years 7-10

Secondary years comprises Years 7 to 12 at Green Point Christian College.  Year 7 is considered a ‘Transition’ year with provision of extra support during this year of change.  A Mentoring program is also run with Senior students taking the role of mentor to the students who have just come out of Primary School.  Years 11 and 12 are considered Senior Secondary (see Senior Secondary for more information).

Our Curriculum runs in Secondary Years 7 and 8 where the students have one Home Teacher and one Home Room for a number of subjects. This is a very effective program which gives the young students a sense of security by enhancing the Pastoral Care available in having one teacher they identify as their own.

A varied compulsory program of study is taught in Years 7 and 8 to prepare students for Elective choices in Year 9. In Year 8 Students are asked to choose 2 Electives from a comprehensive list, to be studied in Year 9.  In both Years 9 and 10 two Elective subjects are studied along with the core subjects of English, Maths, Science, Geography, History, Biblical Studies and PDHPE.

To enhance the learning of students in all subjects, the College runs a program called @GPCC. This initiative, using Apple MacBook Air devices, is designed to incorporate the use of modern technology in the learning of all students in Years 7-10.  Students will be required to bring to classes an Apple MacBook Air device (or similar if it meets our minimum specifications). Further information about the @GPCC program is available via the College Intranet and also through the “School Life” menu on this Website.

Students are able to be involved in many different sports from involvement in Gala Days right up to National Representative level.

Devotions are held for students with their Devotions Teacher and during this time discussion, prayer and a Bible Devotion take place.  Our College Counsellors are available for any student or family in Secondary School.

We emphasise positive reinforcement, encouragement and communication with parents.  Also clear expectations are very important for the children in terms of endeavour in class, behaviour and uniform.

 Head of Secondary School                            

 Mr Peter McLellan                                           


Secondary Handbook

Secondary School Handbook 2018

Stationery Lists 

Secondary Year 7-10 Stationery List 2018

Elective Subjects

Year 9 Electives Subjects 2018

Assessment Handbooks

Year 7 Assessment Handbook 2017

Year 8 Assessment Handbook 2017

Year 9 Assessment Handbook TBC

Year 10 Assessment Handbook 2017