Years 9 and 10

The development of a student as an independent learner is a process which occurs right through Secondary School. In Years 9 and 10 this process coincides with students beginning to wrestle with what it means to be a young man or woman in their own right. It often corresponds with a battle against both the boundaries that parents and school places upon them. Students are also bombarded with messages of their inadequacies through the media and peers that can create negative self-confidence. They strive to be in control of their own lives at a time when often they do not have the maturity to handle the bigger decisions of life.

At Green Point Christian College, through the Strength Potential program, we refocus students towards their strengths not weaknesses and how those strengths can be used and developed to guide students towards a greater sense of purpose. Service and Mission is a core aspect of school life that also realigns a young person’s perspective away from themselves to the needs of others. Co-curricular activities, such as the Duke of Edinburgh and Invictus programs also help with the development of resilience and assurance.

It is often through difficulties that our character is shaped and formed. Our focus at Green Point Christian College is to develop our students into young men and women who love God and learning. People who in all stages of life are Godly in Character, Lifelong Learners, Socially Engaged, Collaborative, and Creative and Critical Thinkers.

During this challenging and confusing time of developmental growth, students are given greater responsibility for their own learning and some of the subjects they will study. Choosing electives to study allows students to explore areas of study that interest them and creates a sense of greater control over their own learning. 

The following are the wide range of subjects from which students can choose two Courses at the beginning of Year 9.


Link to subject choice videos for 2021



Elective Geography

Elective History

Food Technology

Information and Software Technology

Industrial Technology – Timber


Languages by Distance Education – Chinese Mandarin


Physical Activity and Sports Studies

Textiles Technology

Visual Arts

Visual Design

Note: Course availability is affected by student choice