Year 10 Strengths & Career

Action Planning

Working with our Year 10 students to identify their strengths, 

guide subject choice and explore career options

A Process of Individual Assessment & Action Planning

As Green Point Christian College students enter Term 2 of Year 10 they begin a subject that introduces them to the Strength Potential program. Students undertake a questionnaire to identify strengths and to help understand the areas they enjoy and really flourish in.

In Term 3 the students are invited to a roundtable meeting with their parents and a teaching staff member who has been trained in the Strength Potential Program. Together we discuss the student’s strengths and future direction and any plans for the coming years. The focus is on the students goals over the next few years, and it's always a highly valuable time of reflection and planning.

Following the Action Planning Meeting there is further discussion about subject choice for Years 11 and 12, and exploration about careers with our Careers Advisor and with professionals and people experienced in the field that the student is interested in.

Each year we see the value in taking our students through this process as they prepare for the final years of school, or their next steps in career preparation.

Limited places are still available to join Year 10 for 2021. Contact our registrar now to begin the enrolment process with a view to be part of the 2021 Year 10 Strengths & Career Action Planning.   
“The Strength Potential Program is based on the well-researched fact that we develop most by focusing on the positive in our life. Students come to see that you have unique in-built strengths and you are able to develop them. Students come to understand that it is possible to start with what you have and not be weighed down by focusing on what you don’t have. This doesn’t mean its OK for you to ignore the things you could do better... but you can learn to manage these things and not major on them.” Ross Carlyon, Strength Potential